Audi’s Foreign Language

I got a flat tire this weekend. Thankfully, it happened between my home and the nearest gas station. I managed to drive the car to the station and left it there for the weekend. I’ll pick it up today with four new tires, at a cost of $160 per tire. Ouch.

Frankly, my Audi has been a bit needy lately. A few weeks ago, she started giving me a bunch of warning signals. Since I don’t have an Audi manual, I didn’t know what she was trying to tell me. Who would? Look at these symbols and tell me if you’d be able to figure them all out.

So I took her to the shop for a regular oil change, a tune up, and a state emissions inspection. I end up getting new brakes and a warning that my tires are nearing replacement. Lo and behold, I get a flat three days later.

Well I hope she is enjoying all of the attention and money I’ve thrown her way in the last week. Too bad she’s not my girlfriend.