Maine will come off the list

The roommates, some friends, and I depart for Sugarloaf, Maine, tonight to begin a weekend of skiing. We planned on leaving Friday around noon, but news of a snow storm has prompted us to head out early. As one of the two drivers, I hope it won’t be too bad.

Though I am excited about skiing again, I’m more excited about visiting Maine and passing through New Hampshire. After this weekend, there will be only one remaining state that I have yet to visit: Montana. I’m so excited to be this close to joining the “I’ve-been-to-all-50-states-club” that I might make a special trip in the coming months just to close the deal.

For those of you who have visited Montana, any recommendations as to what I should do for a quick weekend trip? And for those who haven’t been either, want to go?

Have a nice weekend.