Two-bedroom, two-bath, two-car garage

My new home My new home.

It’s a 1985 two-bedroom, two-bath, two-car garage condo located on the west side of Indianapolis. Roughly 1,300 square feet, the condo features a two-story living room that overlooks a pond, which is covered by a huge weaping willow tree. The pond must be about 10 to 15 yards from my back porch.

You know, they say you should get yourself something nice on your birthday. Well, I got myself a new home. Not a bad day.

It all happened rather fast.

  • Last weekend I received the job offer.
  • Monday night I accepted.
  • Tuesday, I had the difficult job of giving a wonderful employer four-weeks notice.
  • Wednesday was St. Patrick’s day, so I had the “night off” and went to O’Neill’s.
  • Thursday I get pre-approved for a loan and spend time online looking for homes.
  • Friday, I get a realtor and fly out to Indianapolis that night.
  • Saturday, I look at two dozen homes and condos.
  • Sunday, I make an offer, receive a counter offer, and respond with another offer in kind.
  • Monday morning, I’m back at work and learn that my offer was accepted.

Happy birthday; I just bought my first home.