Peace Corps Recommends My Site

On a similar topic, I recently received an Internet phone call from one of my good friends in Guyana. We gaffed (Guyanese for “spoke”) for maybe a half-hour sharing old stories. Naturally, we also discussed a few rumors.

Though I have no idea if it is true and don’t really care, I’m told that the Peace Corps office is listing my website as a resource in some literature they send to incoming volunteers.

That’s right. The Peace Corps is allegedly telling prospective volunteers that my website is a good place for them to visit if they want to learn more about the Peace Corps in Guyana. Yep. This very site. The site that the Peace Corps kicked me out for developing.

Oh the hypocrisy.

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  1. That’s rather ironic. I’d feel exactly the same way if my site was part of the official PC Samoa info pipeline. I know it’s still read regularly by members of the staff there, but more out of personal friendships built over the year before my premature depature.

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