Moroccan-American dance party

Frying PanMy boss, Khalid Gourad, sure knows how to throw a party. This Saturday, he organized a Moroccan-American dance party aboard the Lightship "Frying Pan" in New York city.

The "Frying Pan" was once a floating lighthouse off of Cape Fear, North Carolina. After being abandoned for 10 years in the Chesapeake Bay, she sank and was underwater for three years before being raised. Instead of going to the scrap yard, the ship was brought to Pier 63 in Manhattan to eventually become one of "New York’s 100 Best Party Places".

While the outside of the ship has been restored to her original appearance, the inside retains the barnacle-encrusted, sunken-ship motif that acknowledges her storied past. Inside, you’ll find spare parts and rusted pipes. Head down to the engine room and you’ll be standing on the hull of the ship, which has been converted into a dance floor.

Party attendees were mostly members of the Moroccan community and, one of the web sites our company maintains. Roughly 300 people attended. Profits raised from the party are being donated to charity.

Great job Khalid. Thanks for having me (both for the party and as a member of your team). It was a blast.