My new residence

My upcoming plan for the next two weeks is as follows:

  • Thursday, Apr 15: Last day of work
  • Sunday, Apr 18: Load the truck and begin the drive to Indianapolis
  • Monday, Apr 19: Spend all day driving, Audi in tow
  • Tuesday, Apr 20: Close on the condo in the morning, wait for current owner to move out
  • Wednesday, Apr 21: If owner moves out by afternoon, I’ll begin moving in
  • Thursday, Apr 22: Finish moving and return the truck
  • Monday, Apr 26: Might begin new job, though I’m not scheduled to start until May

My new residence will be 4728 Charrington Circle #74, Indianapolis, IN 46254-9671. If you are a Plaxo user, I’ll update your address book automatically with my new work and home information. Otherwise, simply visit my site to look up my contact information.