May 2004

I attended the Broadripple Art Fair with a few friends this weekend. It was a good time. I also had drinks at The Rathskellar, rode a mechanical bull, drank margaritias […]

How much is an invitation to open a coveted Gmail account worth? The answer is $76. Since April 22, I have been one of the fortunate few who have had […]

More Peace Corps irony. Twice this week I received requests from Peace Corps volunteers asking for help in building Peace Corps related websites (either for volunteers or the communities they […]

Today was no fun at all. I woke, came downstairs, and was greeted by a standing pool of water. Not just any water, but sewage water. I spent most of […]

My conference in Chicago this weekend went well. Called CFEA, the College Fraternity Editors Association is really for editors of fraternal publications. I used to be editor of Lambda Chi […]