I have my old office back

My first week back at Lambda Chi Alpha went well. Much of my time was spent ridding my office of the large pile of outdated machines and software. There is still more to go. I’ve also spent my time learning about the network, servers, and client configurations. Even brought one laptop back to life.

I have my old office back. Well, kind of. My old office was huge. It had a desk, two dresser-sized filing cabinets, a couch, two chairs, and a small coffee table. This space has now been divided in two. One third is the new server room. The remaining two-thirds is my office.

My immediate project will be to redesign Lambda Chi’s web site. I’ve called up my friends at Sigma Chi and Sigma Alpha Epsilon to learn more about the improvements they’ve made to their sites in the past four years. It’s always been great sharing interfraternal knowledge. Thanks to both.

I got a new phone this week. I decided to go for another hybrid: the Treo 600. In 1998, I tried out one of the first Palm/Cell Phone hybrids: the Qualcomm Q Phone. Though cutting edge, it was a brick. The Treo 600, however, can actually fit in my pocket; just not as comfortably as my previous clam phone. Overall, it is smaller an lighter than carrying a Palm Pilot and cell phone.

And lastly, I think I updated everyone on my new contact information via Plaxo. If you didn’t get the mass e-mail, you can always find my information here.