Gmail for $76

How much is an invitation to open a coveted Gmail account worth? The answer is $76.

Since April 22, I have been one of the fortunate few who have had access to Google’s new e-mail service called Gmail. Announced April 1, 2004, Google said Gmail would offer 1 gigabyte of e-mail storage for free.

Google further stated that only a handful of people will test the service before making it available to the rest of the public in the coming months. I became a lucky tester because I have been using Blogger for years, which is owned by Google.

A few weeks ago, I noticed within my Gmail account that I could invite two others to try out this exclusive service. After offering an account to my brother, I read this story from Wired: “My Left Arm for a Gmail Account.”

Curious to see just how much a Gmail account is worth, I posted my invitation up for sale on eBay. My offer sold right away for $76. Pretty cool.