July 2004

Mom continues to crank out new music for flute choirs. This time she surpised me by dedicating a piece in my honor called Quicksilver Rag. Quicksilver Rag A brisk but […]

I’ve been playing a lot of Halo lately with some of the Lambda Chi Alpha staff. Co-worker Joe Klimek bought a nice plasma TV about a month ago, which seemed […]

Looks like my neighboor had a fire yesterday. Her stove, most of her kitchen cabinents, and some other items are all charred and stacked outside for garbage collection. Her unit […]

Remember Earl Brown? You know, the Peace Corps country director in Guyana who sent me home for maintaining this personal website? He still has it in for me; poor guy. […]

RadioParadise.com is the single-best radio station I’ve ever listened to. It offers a wonderful collection of creative, eclectic, and diverse music that no FM station would ever offer. I’ve been […]