Wakeboarding with Rob Zajdel

I’ve spent the past two weekends learning how to wakeboard with my friend Rob Zajdel and his brother Mike. It only took me three tries to learn how to get up. Now, I can do surface 180s and some minor jumps. Though I have jumped across the wake, I haven’t been able to land it.

It’s a fun sport. I like it a lot more than water skiing. I look forward to spending a few more weekends out on Rob’s boat. I also enjoy watching his brother Mike wakeboard. He picks up things really quickly. He has no problem jumping across the wake and is trying to incorporate a 180 into it. This weekend, he figured out how to do a surface 360. Pretty cool.

I hope everyone had a great Fourth. It’s been several years since I spent the Fourth in the United States. Last year I went to Montreal and the summer before I was in Guyana. Where’s my patriotism?