Ikea Malm Bedroom Set

Malm bed from IkeaI bought some furniture today. It’s true, I’ve been sleeping with my mattress on the floor for the past few months. Not that I haven’t had the resources, I just hadn’t had the motivation. Well, the folks just sent me a check with a note that simply said “furniture.” I got the hint.

I pretty much bought an entire bedroom set from Ikea for less than $700 (not counting shipping). I can’t believe how inexpensive their stuff is. And most of it is good quality. I just wish I could buy all of their stuff online. I’d guess that only a quarter of the things they have pictured online. The rest, they say, can only be purchased from one of their stores. To me, that means a trip to Chicago.

Thanks, folks, for the encouragement. Next, I need to find a coffee table that I like.

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  1. hi. we are thinking of purchasing the malm as well. do you still like it?

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