is the single-best radio station I’ve ever listened to. It offers a wonderful collection of creative, eclectic, and diverse music that no FM station would ever offer.

I’ve been listening to the station for about a year now. Often, as I would hear a song or artist that I liked, I’d pop on over to Amason and add the album to my Wish List. About a month ago, I decided to act on this list and decided to buy all of the albums that were priced (used) less than $5. $200 and 40 CDs later, I’ve discovered 20 new artist and rediscovered the other 20. What a fantastic collection.

I can’t wait to buy more.

I’m so hooked on RadioParadise that I’ve programmed my Xbox to automatically play the station when it boots up. And for those of you who know me, I turn on my Xbox quite a bit. Now when I come home, I just turn on my Xbox and instantly get to hear my favorite Internet-only station.

Here’s how I do it.

  • First, you modify your box and install Avalaunch as it’s new operating system.
  • Next, open up “avalaunch.xml” in your text editor.
  • Edit the XML sound tag to match the following:
      <backgroundmusic enabled="4" cdda="1" cdmp3="1">
  • Pay attention to the “enabled” attribute/value and the folder that must reside in (the drive may differ, but not the folder).
  • Save your changes to “avalaunch.xml” and ftp it back to your Xbox.
  • Next, retrieve “F:/shoutcast/” and open it in a text editor.
  • Simply throw in a list of your favorite streams, save, and ftp back to your box. My list looks something like this:

How did I find the URLs of the stations I like to listen to? Easy. Visit, right click on the “Tune In” button for your favorite station and select “Save Link As.” Open up that file in your text editor and you’ll find the URL. It looks something like this “File1=”.

Next time you boot your Xbox, Avalaunch will automatically look to and begin playing the first station if it can establish a connection. If you want to switch to the next station, press the left joystick in and Avalaunch will switch to the next station in your list.



  1. Thanks for that blog entry. I knew it was possible to shoutcast via avalaunch but I’ve always been too lazy to set it up. That was exactly the quick start I needed. love radio paradise…

  2. Thanks for the tip. Do you know if there’s any way to have a playlist of your favourite internet stations in XBMC? That would save browsing through the 1000s of stations to get to the one you want.

  3. I love radioparadise!I play it non-stop at home and wish i could have it on at work 8 hrs. a day….my therapy!dig the selections,no is the bomb!Sure as hell hope the station survives Congress’ bullshit…c’mon listeners sign those petitions to keep our internet radio alive!

  4. I agree completely– love RP, and find lots of new artists through them. I make any and all purchases THROUGH the RP site, so RP gets a commission. i also buy a t-shirt every year– least we can do for all of the great – free- music!

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