No Pearce on Farewell T-Shirt

Remember Earl Brown? You know, the Peace Corps country director in Guyana who sent me home for maintaining this personal website? He still has it in for me; poor guy.

The GUY10 group’s, the 23 volunteers I started my tour with two years ago, close of service is in August. Some have already returned to the US and a few will stay past August, but most will be coming home.

According to my sources, Earl is allegedly refusing to permit the remaining volunteers from including my name on a farewell t-shirt that we’re creating to remember our experience and friendship. A t-shirt the volunteers and I are paying for and creating for our own personal enjoyment.

The simple presence of my name is allegedly so upsetting that he’ll discipline whomever chooses to print it on the shirts against his will.

It’s sad when someone could get sent home for having a personal website or sending a personal email to friends and family. But it’s even more sad that a t-shirt that simply includes my name along with a list of 22 others could bring a similar fate.

Thankfully, Earl’s service as country dictator will also end in August, or soon after. Perhaps the remaining volunteers will then be able to better focus their energy on helping the Guyanese and less time worrying about how the Peace Corps might be looking for an excuse to send them home.

Keep my name of the shirts guys. No need to have a t-shirt become an ET-shirt (Early Termination – Shirt).

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  1. Have you considered applying again?

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