Halo on Joe’s Plasma

I’ve been playing a lot of Halo lately with some of the Lambda Chi Alpha staff. Co-worker Joe Klimek bought a nice plasma TV about a month ago, which seemed to have spured more Halo.

It’s really amazing that a game created in 2001 has a) kept my interest and b) is still the best game that I’ve ever played. We’re all eagerly waiting for November 9 when Halo 2 is released.

Some of us need you Master Cheif.

On a similar note, I continue to enjoy the Red vs. Blue episodes. RvB details the life of two rival camps of soldiers, the Reds and Blues, who spend their time ruminating about life, the universe and everything, stationed in separate bases in a creek called Blood Gulch; the most popular multi-player game within Halo.

The series is unusual because it is created using the actual video game. The animators simply use the high-quality graphics engine of the game to create a believable animation world. It is akin to digital puppetry.

If you play the game, you’ll love Red vs. Blue.