Quicksilver Rag

Mom continues to crank out new music for flute choirs. This time she surpised me by dedicating a piece in my honor called Quicksilver Rag.

Quicksilver Rag

A brisk but not rushed tempo and precise dotted patterns will help depict the impish merriment of this piece. Composed in the style of popular American ragtime music that was in fashion from about 1890-1915, it exhibits stylistic syncopated rhythms.

Quicksilver is the common name for mercury, which is sometimes called “living silver” because of its liquid form. Thus, we have a quartet of silver flutes performing fluid ragtime!

The upper three quartet members take turns playing the melody while the fourth part “does its on thing”. A few legato measures with even eighth notes provide contrast in the middle section. Either alto flute or bass flute is needed to play the fourth part and measures #1 and #67 can be repeated as a vamp if desired.

This composition provides the performers with an enjoyable musical interlude while teasing members of the audience into tapping their feet and smiling along.

I’m not sure why I received this honor. The only thing I can think of is how I used to love Quicksilver clothing (aka “rags”) when I was a skateboarder in my Junior-High years. Thus, “Quicksilver Rag.” But I like her explination much better.

Thanks Mom, I look forward to hearing it performed someday.