50th General Assembly

Lambda Chi Alpha’s 50th General Assembly was a success. It wore out me and the rest of the staff, but it was a success. Our 550 members had a great time, learned a lot, and debated a good deal of legislation.

The best description of my, and the rest of the staff’s, involvement would be that of a duck. We looked calm and graceful on the surface, but underneath, we were paddling like crazy.

My chapter, Elon’s Delta-Pi Zeta, sent two delegates: Craig Whitham and Daniel Hanson. Craig is the chapter president and Dan is the secretary.

I was impressed with them both. They were professional, involved, participated in programming, made efforts to visit with me, and seemed on top of their game. It was comforting to learn that my chapter is being managed by these two men. Elon was well represented.

After unloading the truck Sunday afternoon, I think every member of staff returned home and slept for 12 or more hours. The office was closed both Monday and Tuesday to give us a chance to relax. Tomorrow, we’ll all attend a baseball game in the afternoon as a reward for our efforts last week.

Hard work, however, lies ahead. I have a website to build, our staff soon hits the road, and we all have to improve recruitment numbers. At least we will have plenty to do.