October 2004

David Cameron is my uncle and Cameron Pearce is my brother. Way to go guys. MASSACRE AT SHELTON LAUREL World Premiere Competition Short (37 minutes) Friday, 10-Midnight Diana Wortham Theatre […]

Google has arrived to the desktop. Arriving yesterday, the Google Desktop Search (beta) tool can be now be downloaded (www.desktop.google.com). This tool can search email from Outlook; files in TXT, […]

I had a pretty good weekend. On Thursday and Friday, I went to the FINA swimming championships. The US won most events. On Saturday I attended Dan Doherty’s wedding. Dan’s […]

Today is the last day of employment for Earl Brown, the Peace Corps country director in Guyana. Guyana Peace Corps volunteers rejoice. Earl Brown served as the Peace Corps Guyana […]

On a completely different topic, I’ve recently set up a web server at home. Three great tools helped make this happen. The first would be my Linksys Wireless G router. […]