Third Goal Attention from Ze and Laura

Today was an interesting and good day for Third Goal, the new community blogging site I built for Peace Corps volunteers last week. I received two phone calls about the site: one from a reporter and another from a notable blogger.

The Reporter

Laura Vanderkam, a reporter for the DC Examiner, is doing a story on how volunteers are creating new literature about their experiences as they’re happening. She discovered Third Goal as well as my personal site and wanted an interview. She has reported for USA Today, Reader’s Digest, Washington Times, among others. If you want to read more about this topic, check out this posting at Third Goal.

The Blogger

Actually, I get contacted by a lot of bloggers. But this one, Ze Frank, is a very popular blogger. Ze has an upcoming speaking engagement for SXSW about “blogging across borders – the digital content divide.” He thought I’d be a good person to speak with before attending the conference next week.

I enjoyed speaking with both Laura and Ze. I can only hope that such attention brings favorable light on Third Goal and the Peace Corps volunteers who share their stories. Thank you both for your interest.