My Website is all Grown Up

As of today, March 13, 2005, all new post will be made at my new website I’ll miss and all it had to offer, but I long outgrew it. For historical purposes, it will forever reside at

My old site will remain up and running for the rest of this year as I try to redirect all traffic to my new domain. Switching domains and leaving my old site was hard to do. I have moved every year for the last 15 years, but my website has remained unchanged for eight years. But like I said, I’ve out grown it. Disk space, server capabilities, domain and subdomain restrictions, and the like have forced me to switch. That, and I’ve discovered WordPress, the best blogging CMS on earth. I also miss my old design. Don’t get too settled on this new look, for if I get the time, I might switch back to the cleaner style. I still have a lot of content to move and update from the old site. I did manage to move all 396 posts I made in my Monologue. I now have to take the time to file them into the appropriate categories and write cleaver titles. So consider this transition a work in progress. I feel liberated in my new home.