Podcasting in the Peace Corps

There has been a lot of news about blogs and podcasting. Staying on topic, I wrote a story on Third Goal called “Podcasting in the Peace Corps.”

I even found and re-posted the two podcasts I recorded as a Peace Corps volunteer in 2002. Man, I was way before my time. I had a personal website, a blog, a photo blog via Ofoto, a listserve, and even two podcasts (July 2002 & August 2002).

No wonder I scared the hell out of country director Earl Brown. He didn’t know what most of this stuff did.

Today, most volunteers likely communicate via email and many have their own blogs. Won’t be long before more Peace Corps volunteer begin creating their own podcasts much like mine.


  1. They’re still scared. I had a constant painful “dialog” with my CD over my website, and had to jump through all the hoops. Your name got brought up more than once as what “could happen to me.

    This was after I had created this huge intranet where volunteer could send texts for free to each other and to huge groups (“trouble downtown, don’t go!”, tho more often, “happy hour at Devon House, $60 Red Stripe!”)

    I felt really good about working hard to help my fellow volunteers, and getting called on the carpet for my trouble.

    But it worked out in the end.

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