Volleyball MVP Patrick Cork

For Immediate Release

INDIANAPOLIS, IN — (March 22, 2005) — In sporting news, yesterday’s MVP was Patrick Cork, an emerging volleyball player out of Indianapolis, Indiana.

After leaping for a middle block that ended up being rolled higher than even he could reach (a reported 2′ 3″ vertical says one fan), Cork managed to beat the ball to the floor by performing “The Pancake” move.

Though Cork is adept at making floor saves via The Pancake, never before has this reporter seen such a move implemented directly following a missed block.

“It was nothing really,” says Cork, who was seen practicing The Pancake successfully during warm-ups prior to the match. “I got really good at The Pancake because I’m usually lazy and slow, so hitting the ball just inches before it hits the floor is the only move I have left.”

If life is a game of inches, Cork is going to go very far on the volleyball court. Fans will next be able to see him play March 28 at 7:10 p.m.

Byline: Reported by Jason Pearce of www.jasonpearce.com