Summary of Connecticut Web and Graphic Work

From April 2003 to April 2004 I had the pleasure of working for a wonderful and fast-paced web development shop in Norwalk, Connecticut, called Gourad Media Group. Though my duties were diverse; I did have a chance to design several websites, logos, printed pieces, and animated gifs. Here are a few highlights.


myziva.netI enjoyed working on, a nursing-home comparison site. It make extensive use of CSS. In this screen shot, the bar graphs are all dynamically drawn via CSS and PHP. was a similar site, but focused on news. Originally I used orange and a bright green.

carehotline.netCareHotline is a free and anonymous compliance hotline for reporting suspected fraud and abuse to a nursing facility’s Compliance Officer.

Tingis Magazine

tingismagazine.comTingis Magazine is a US-based Moroccan-American magazine. I built its supporting website, which is mostly used to process subscriptions.


shems.infoThis quarterly magazine celebrates, highlights, and trumpets good times and shared accomplishments of Arab Americans. is a community site for residents of Fairfield county. My boss’ wife came up with the great slogan “Love they county.” Brilliant.

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  1. Hey there Jason, I really like your work. I particularly liked, but their website seems to have been down for some time. We have similar requirements and would like to be able to access MyZiva to discuss our needs with you if possible?

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