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thirdgoalwiki I’m pleased to announce the launch of Third Goal Wiki, an enterprise established for the sole purpose of “Helping promote a better understanding of other peoples on the part of all Americans,” the Third Goal of Peace Corps.

We would like to share this wiki with current and former Peace Corps volunteers that have stories to share, ideas to exchange and thoughts to explore that will help promote the ideal of cultural exchange.

What’s the difference? is a blog (an online journal) while is, well, a wiki (a community developed project). Both rely on you, the user, to create, edit, and share content.

If you are a current or former Peace Corps volunteer, you are invited to participate in both.

Shameless Tag Line

Third Goal (blog or wiki) – helping Peace Corps volunteers share their stories.


  1. Hi, Looks like the thirdgoal blog does not work correctly: most of the links appear broken. Too bad since it is a great idea :) Take care Ph

  2. Philippe. Thanks for letting me know. I fixed the problem with The links should now be working properly. Sincerely, Jason Pearce.

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