Preparing for Easter Island


I spent much of the weekend getting ready for Tuesday’s trip to Easter Island. I spent time loading up songs onto my iPod, surfing the internet for hotels and travel information, getting cash from the ATM, etc.

I did, however, have one setback. My Suunto Stinger dive watch/computer needed a new battery. Sadly, due to its complexity, there are only two places in all of the United States that are capable of replacing its battery. I can’t express how disappointing it is to not be able to dive with this dive computer/watch on this trip.

To make matters worse, my every-day watch has a broken band. With any luck, I’ll get it fixed tomorrow. Otherwise, I’ll be traveling and diving without a watch, which isn’t a good idea.

Everything else is going well. For Easter Island, I booked accommodations at Hotel Orongo. And for my one day in Santiago, I’ll be staying at the Hotel Orly.

I do work tomorrow, but will take Tuesday off before departing that afternoon.