The search for power

The search for power

Some people spend their entire life searching for power. I usually find myself looking for it only in airports. I’m looking for the kind of power to feed my gadgets.

With an upcoming 14-hour flight and only three hours of battery life in my iPod, you better believe I’m a power miser.

Will I need my iPod to help me pass the time, to drown out a crying baby, or to share some music with a cute girl sitting next to me? Who knows?

So when I enter an airport, I find myself sweeping the room in an attempt to find an available outlet near an available seat. No seat? The floor will do just fine.

My gadgets have reduced me to someone who sits on the floor — and that’s no place for someone to be who is in a position of power.

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  1. Hi Jason, I hope this goes through to you. We’re thinking about you lots these days…….fulfilling another of your dream locations! I hope it’s as exciting as you’d hoped and more! Tonight when I have more time, I’m going to go to Easter Island online and read up on it and look at the photos, etc. so I’ll have a better image in my head about where you are and what you might be doing. I hope the weather is good too. Sorry your dive watch is without a charged battery. We’ll be eager to hear all about what you’ve seen and will enjoy the photos, etc. Stay safe. Much love and hugs, Mom

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