Update from Easter Island

It´s true, the internet is everywhere, even in the most remote inhabited island in the world.

Today is my second day in Easter island. Travel here was issue free (everything went as planned).

Yesterday, I rented a car and explored the island with a girl from London and a Canadian couple. We had a great time and saw lots of moai (the stone statues). Today I did a morning scuba dive and had a lazy afternoon in town.

Haven´t decided what I´ll do tomorrow, but on Sunday (my last day), I´ll go on an offical tour. That way, I´ll have someone explain to me all of the stuff I´ve been looking at for the past three days.

Monday I fly back to Santiago, spend the night, explore the city all day Tuesday, and fly back Tuesday night arriving in Dallas Wednesday morning.

I´ve been writing entries for my website via my cell phone, but they won´t appear on my website until I get back to the states. Until then, you most likely won´t hear from me for I´m having too much fun.

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  1. So glad all is well and going as planned. You are such a thorough traveller and know how to enjoy being with the people around you. We’ll continue to think about you………pretty much on the other side of the world! Love and hugs, Mom

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