Four days are plenty

Four days are plenty

Four days are all you need in Easter Island, even if it rains three of those four days. For the one day that was nice, I managed to get a mild sunburn.

Of everyone I met, I was the only person who came specifically to see just Easter Island. Everyone else visited as a part of a long holiday. Some had even been traveling for 18 months.

When I told fellow tourist that I came all this way for just four days on the island, most thought I was mad. Though a few were impressed by my effort.

The moai are very mysterious and impressive. Twice I rented a car with some newly made friends. Neema is an Indian girl from London while Tamara & Jarrett Bulat are from Vancouver, Canada.

It’s amazing how four complete strangers can find each other and enjoy two full days exploring the island via a jeep. The days I spent with the three were a blast.

On my second day, I went scuba diving. Though Easter Island is supposed to have the clearest water in the world (lack of plankton), rough seas and cloudy skies kept such an experience hidden.

On my last day I went on an official tour. We visited the same sites I had twice explored. But at least this time I had a guide to explain what I was looking at.

This evening I am in Santiago. The customer service in this city is better than anywhere I’ve been. They ignore you when you want to be ignored and jump to your service when you indicate you want some help. The best balance I’ve seen yet.

The only exception has been the taxi touts at the airport. But compared to other countries, they were harmless.

Tomorrow I explore Santiago before flying back to the US that evening.


  1. I really enjoyed reading this and hope you are home safely by now. It’s great that you had a wonderful time and we’re eager to hear more about it. I know you enjoyed driving the jeep! Love and hugs, Mom

  2. Hey Jason!
    Just checked out your website. Glad we made your site. It was a pleasure to hang out with you in the most remote inhabited island in the world. Let us know your email address. If interested, we can add you to our auto-updates for our site. Easter Island should be posted in a couple weeks. Jarrett and Tamara Bulat

  3. Jarrett and Tamara. Hanging out with you guys was the best part of my trip. I’ve posted a whole bunch of photos on for you to enjoy. Here’s my favorite photo of you and Tamara. Also, let me know where to send you a DVD of the video I made.

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