May 2005

My guest this year for the Indianapolis 500 were Peace Corps buddies Darren McLaughlin, Justin Long, and Hans Anderson. I served in Guyana with these guys three years ago. It […]

Rob Walker and I walked to Herra’s for some Indian food. I took my Peace Corps friends here for dinner this weekend and liked it so much, I had to […]

After seeing my race guests off, I met up with Janet for lunch to begin the last week of my “No repeat lunch week” campaign. The race was a lot […]

Darren, Stacy, Justin and I at the Indy 500. As you can see, we are having a great time. Hans, my other guest, is nearby.

Darren and I grabbed a hot dog at the annual Lambda Chi golf tournament. All traditions were upheld, including flipping a golf cart on hole nine, twice. The play of […]