Rock Bottom (of the barrel) Brewery

Rock Bottom (of the barrel) Brewery

Eight of us went to the new Rock Bottom on 86th St to celebrate my 100th unique restaurant (where Cooker used to be). Sadly, we left disappointed.

Most of us signed up for their Mug Club, which is a rewards club for their bar. As a member, you get larger beers. I, however, was given a normal-sized pint. When I pointed out the problem, nothing was done to correct it.

Most of us weren’t too happy with the food either. I could tell because all but one tossed their Lunch Punch card (a rewards card for food) back on the table — after having previously placed it in their wallets.

Me? Well, my burger was soggy and messy.

When the manager came over — he heard about our story in the paper — to say hi, he offered his card and hinted I should reference the address of his restaurant on my website.

He didn’t offer a free round, he didn’t toss in desert. In fact the only compensation we did receive was one free meal because it arrived well after everyone else was served.

I enjoyed the old Cooker much better.

My co-workers were good sports. They say I shouldn’t end on a bad note and should instead visit 101 restaurants. What a great idea.

Tomorrow is the “Taste of Broad Ripple.” Now that sounds like a much better way to end my “No Repeat Lunch Week” campaign.