Taking work home

Taking work home

On some evenings, taking work home with me takes on a whole new meaning. I’ve found it’s far more efficient to set up new laptops from home.

My home internet connection is 6Mbps, while the office’s T1 is only 1.5Mbps. This makes the process of implementing all of Microsoft’s patches via Windows Update and Office Update more tolerable.

It still bugs me to this day that brand new, out-of-the-box machines arrive ‘broken,’ requiring a few hours of downloads and patches. It would be nice to purchase a new machine that the latest software and patches already installed.

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  1. I find your article interesting because I am doing a research paper on how the new technology can work against people’s effort to manage time effectively. Your last statement about having to spend a “few hours of downloads and patches” goes to prove that with the invention of computers to help us do things quicker we are also having to spend lots of time working out the “bugs”. My question is, do you feel that to a degree the new technology of today is actually more work upon ourselves? Why is it that so many people are constantly chasing after time?

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