Dell support is slipping

In the past month, I’ve had a lot of problems with Dell products and the level of support pertaining to those products.

When ordering a new server, Dell created a new credit account for us instead of using our existing account — and didn’t tell us. We assumed the order was placed, not knowing Dell was waiting on additional paperwork from us, which wasn’t needed in the first place. I spend an hour on the phone with various departments (accounting, credit, sales) helping Dell to fix its own error, only to have to do it all again the following day. We got the server on time, but not without a lot of hand-holding and pushing on my end.

And on Friday, when a older server crashed, the Dell support representative made countless errors in providing me troubleshooting steps. He even suggested I take a screwdriver to pry a cover open, which ended up damaging the cover. Hours later, Dell decides to send us a replacement server.

A week passes and the replacement server has not arrived. Dell said they were waiting for us to answer some questions they had not yet asked, but never bothered to call or email us. More than a week has passed and I still don’t have the replacement server. And at this very moment, the support rep on the phone can’t even determine the status of our service request.

And don’t get me started on the new Treo 650s we bought from Verizon last week. Let me tell you …


  1. Don’t get ME started on Dell support!

    Now I love Dell computers, rarely do I have a problem with them. Been using them for years, at all my jobs in and after college. Never had a problem with Dell, until I started working at AKPsi.

    It all began when my predesesor’s name continued to appear on all paperwork and mailing from Dell, even after nearly a dozen phone calls.

    Then their technical support begins sucking ass. Mind you, I’m hispanic. Growing up in Miami you deal with a lot of foreigners with heavy accents… you get used to it. But MAN, understanding the tech support Dell uses in India is impossible. And that’s IF you get a good phone connection. So I finally complained enough to get on their “premier” account/support status. Now I (usually) get an American.

    Finally, no one at Dell knows their ass from a hole in the wall. Talk about bureacracy… one specialist for hardware, one specialist for software, one specialist for servers, etc… but none of them are ‘specialists’. I spend more time explaining to them my question, than necesary.

    Finally, I can’t even begin to count how many account reps our account has gone through in the 2.5 years I’ve been here!!!

    DELL is really sucking.

  2. I have a solution…

    Leave Dell, and stop painting yourself into a corner with their limitations. No other industry has to put up with this business practice, and you can start by looking at other avenues. Teach them a lesson.

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