I have a bullfrog problem


Last year, there were maybe three bullfrogs living in the small pond next to my condo. I used to enjoy hearing their deep croak as I drift asleep with my windows open.

This evening, I counted 27 bullfrogs as I walked the shoreline closest to my bedroom window. I can only speculate that my pond contains 50 adult bullfrogs, perhaps more.

Listening to just three bullfrogs was peaceful. It reminded me of the pond at home and gave me the perception of being closer to nature.

Fifty bullfrogs, however, are a different story. Windows shut, A/C running, stereo on, and I can still hear them croaking.

They croak all night long. It often starts with just one, followed by 49 others who respond in kind.

To put the noise in perspective, I live less than 300 yards from an airport and I’m writing about how the bullfrogs are loud.

I don’t know what to do. I thought about a humane way of gigging them (with a net) and moving them to another pond. But there’s just too many.

I also have a lot of spiders. I manage to find and kill a spider almost everyday. Though they are quite scary, at least spiders are quiet.

The good news is I don’t think I’ll see a mosquito at all this summer. I can grill in comfort knowing that I won’t be bit. Though I’ll still have to fall asleep with the noise of 50 frogs and the thought that a spider might be hiding in my bed.


  1. Wow, that sucks. That’s waaay too many frogs.

    On another note, I too have a spider problem in my apartment, however, I’m not scared of them!

  2. Can I say “I told you so”. I remember those bullfrogs well and believe me they were annoying when there was just 3 and now 50! I cannot imagine! Between the bull frogs, the birds running into your windows, and the killer spiders it’s like wild kingdom over there :-)

  3. i have the same problem – sort of moving what did you do????

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