Don’t call it a cavity

Don't call it a cavity

I think today I got my first cavity.

I’m not sure, for the lady cleaning my teeth thought it was a cavity, but the dentist said “It’s not a cavity yet, but it will become one if I don’t get it filled.”

So when’s a cavity a cavity? If it’s not a cavity, then exactly what is the dentist going to fill?

Regardless, I’m 33 and have gone this long without a cavity. I think mt teeth are doing pretty good.


  1. So, what’s your secret? – eg do you never eat anything sweet, do you brush, floss, & use mouthwash three times a day, are you just genetically fortunate….?

  2. Lucky / genetically fortunate. I brush every day, but only once or twice. I use mouthwash and floss only a few times a week. And my diet is mostly meat and veggies, with some sweets. I drink my fair share of coffee and soda, so sugar is always nearby. I liked milk as a kid, so maybe that helped me out.

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