August 2005

The staff at the office asked me if there was anything we could do online to better facilite Hurricane Katrina relief efforts for Lambda Chi Alpha members. After a quick […]

A CFEA friend of mine, Nicholas Ziegler of Sigma Alpha Epsilon, sent me a link to his personal blog. I have to say, I’m impressed. I always knew Nick did […]

Design in Flight is a beautiful site that is complimented by a well-designed PDF version for download. Though it is 100 percent digital, this site feels like print.

Now that’s customer service. Last week I wrote “ALA With Nothing to Say.” Today, they came back with their 201st issue and a complete web redesign. My bio page and […]

Edge, Raiser’s August 23, 2005 Raiser’s Edge, age 10, Indianapolis, passed away August 22, 2005 at Lambda Chi Alpha’s headquarters. Raiser’s Edge was born and first installed August 29, 1995 […]