Staff Begins Using iMIS

Today, our staff began using the Live version of iMIS, Lambda Chi Alpha’s new CRM.

Aside from a few bugs and missed procedures, our staff and iMIS got along just fine. Three of our team members spent most of the day processing membership status changes while JB and I tackled the biggest bugs.

I just want to publicly thank the team members involved with this project:

  • Joe Klimek, CFO, deal closer, and backup techie / project manager
  • JB (Joshua Bennett), SQL guru and lead developer
  • Doug Morris from CSI, our reseller, vendor, and support
  • LCA Staff, for being patient and supportive as we switch from a 10-year-old CRM to a new way of managing our members and information

Thank you all. We still have a lot more to accomplish, but the beginning is finally here.