ALA With Nothing to Say

There was a time when I used to eagerly anticipate Fridays.

Not because Fridays marked the end of the workweek, but because A List Apart would release a new online article about web design, standards, accessibly, or server-side scripting.

These days, however, it appears ALA has lost its voice.

Its most recent article was published in May 2005 and marked its 200th Issue. We haven’t heard from the site since.

Perhaps Zeldman and crew are too busy working on other projects, or perhaps the need for a community-authored publication has dwindled.

I hope not.

Though I think its great that more and more people are sharing their creations and knowledge via the web; we need more sites like A List Apart to aggregate and feature the best content and ideas.

I once had the good fortune of having an article of mine published on A List Apart. Inspired by what I had learned from others, I felt compelled to come up with an original idea or solution that I could share as a token of appreciation.

Sadly, ALA’s Contribute page is closed for business, reading “A List Apart is not accepting new articles at this time. Watch this space.”

ALA, we’re watching. We need the inspiration you delivered us for 200 issues. Though I frequently visit the personal sites of many of your authors, your ability to aggregate and share their best ideas made my Friday.

I hope you come up with something to say, for I’d love to hear from you again.

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