NWA’s Barriers to Service

NWA's Barriers to Service

Beside the most obvious barrier of me watching the ramp pull away from the plane I wanted to board, Northwest Airlines sure made it difficult for me to receive customer service.

I missed my connecting flight due to no fault of my own. The IND airport monitors even showed my flight was departing on time – 25 minutes after the stated departure.

When I arrived to MSP, I hoofed it from G terminal to gate C11. I worked up a sweat, only to see the ramp pull away.

Once I caught my breath, I asked the attendant to upgrade me to first class or book me on an earlier flight on another airline – requests I’ve had honored under similar circimstances.

Her response was contact www.nwa.com and they will help me.

Really? Your website will respond to my complaint in a timely manner and issue me a new boarding pass? This I’ve got to see.

Calling her bluff, I whipped out my Treo 650, pulled up nwa.com, and asked her where I need to click.

She didn’t expect that. One hour and four people later, I settled for 2,000 miles.