Gisela’s Kaffeekranzchen eschlossen

Translation: My favorite restaurant in all of Indiana closed.

German restaurant in Zionsville closes

Gisela’s Kaffeekranzchen, a German restaurant at 112 S. Main St. in Zionsville, has closed, according to the Indy Ethnic Food newsletter. No one could be reached at the restaurant. — Indianapolis Star

This German restaurant resided in an attic in downtown Zionsville, a quaint town 10 minutes northwest of Indianapolis. The place had maybe 10 tables, a kitchen that resided in its own little hut (with fake roof), and exposed rafters. The mother waited on everyone while the son cooked.

The food was good, but the location, atmosphere, and German family is what won me over years ago; and now they are gone, beendet, nicht mehr.

So if Gisela’s was my favorite restaurant in Indiana, what’s my favorite restaurant in all of the world? Easy. It’s the Olde Hansa Restaurant in downtown Tallinn, Estonia (food | restaurant).

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  1. This was also my favarite reasturant in In. I has suspected that it closed and was waiting for verification. What a shame. Truley great cuisine. Any insight to why?

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