10 Ways to use your USB thumb drive

Boot DOS

This handy tool from HP will format your USB thumb drive and copy DOS files over to it.

Boot Linux

You can also boot many flavors of Linux. Two of the easier ones to try would be Puppy and SPBLinux.

Boot XP

You can even set up your USB thumb drive to boot Windows XP thanks to Bart Lagerweij’s BartPE tools.

Store Passwords

Using Password Safe, you can securely carry all of your passwords around with you.

Move Shell Folders

Windows uses shell folders to indicate the default location for many types of settings and data. Move them to your USB drive for privacy and security.

Run Portable Applications

Run applications right off of your USB drive, making it easy to switch computers and keep your settings with you.

Sync With Briefcase

Use Windows Briefcase to keep your files updated and in sync automatically.

Launder Files

I once washed my Lexar JumpDrive Sport USB Flash Drive. To my surprise, it still worked and all files were intact.

Join the Swiss Army

You can even find a USB drive in a Swiss Army knife.

Store Data

Oh yea, you can also use your USB thumb drive to store data.