October 2006

My Pac-Man Pumpkin. Get them ghost! Here’s my pumpkin lit up next to Jenny’s friendly jack-o-lantern.

Building online forms used to be the bane of web developers. Forms require not only more markup, but a back-end script to process them. Many often require a database. All […]

Although Brian Krebs from the Washington Post recently reported that “Microsoft plans to push out Internet Explorer 7 as a ‘high priority update’ when it ships security patches tomorrow [October […]

Went to an apple orchard today in a town about 30 minutes southwest of Indianapolis. Lots and lots of apples.

On the same day OpenDNS launched PhishTank, an OpenDNS server located in Washington, DC, stoped answering DNS for 45 minutes. PhishTank is operated by OpenDNS, a company founded in 2005 […]