Will Icebrrg be a cooler Wufoo?

Building online forms used to be the bane of web developers. Forms require not only more markup, but a back-end script to process them. Many often require a database. All of which add complexity to building useful forms.

When Wufoo launched a web application in July 2006 that eases the complexity of online forms, many web developers rejoiced (I sure did). In less than a few months, Wufoo is now the first place I turn to build even the simplest of forms.

This week, a competitor entered the space: Icebrrg. While I often think competition is a good idea, Icebrrg offers little ingenuity and appears to be a clone of the services and functionality Wufoo has offered for four months. Even Icebrrg’s pricing model closely resembles Wufoo’s pricing model:

Icebrrg copies Wufoo pricing model

Icbrgg copies Wufoo

In less than four months, I’ve become a trusted Wufoo user. Until Icebrrg brings something new to the table, I think they deserve a cold chill for simply copying a unique service.


  1. I’d recommend Nenest (http://www.nenest.com) to your guys, which is very powerful and full of features:

    1. You can have a Rich Text Editor in forms, so they can collect wider range of data.
    2. Automatically data validation in client side
    3. Wider usages to host and manage a variety of data
    4. Full-text search many more…

  2. Indeed, I have tried Icebrrg. It’s okay and doesn’t work perfectly, but it gets the job done. But now I keep getting billed, even though I have switched to the free account and have removed my survey from my account. There’s no option to cancel your account with Icebrrg apart from making your account ‘free’, but then your credit card will still be billed. They do not respond to emails, or at least haven’t done so far.

    So I suggest you stick with Wufoo, that’s what I will do anyway. :)

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