Mixd Texts Goodbye

Yahoo! MixdI received a text message today from Yahoo’s Mixd service saying their “pilot study will end on Feb 25th and that the service will no longer be available.”

Bummer, for Mixd proved to be very useful last month when 20 Lambda Chi Alpha staff members were stranded in various airports in a effort to get to San Antonio for a conference. Texas was experiencing heavy flight delays due to an ice storm. Mixd helped us easily notify everyone with updated information on our estimated arrival times.

Mixd operated much like an email listserv, but was designed for cell phones. Users would simply SMS (text message) a number, and all members who subscribed to that number received your text message. That way, a single text message would reach all 20 staff members.

Here’s what Mixd says about its closing:

Mixd is taking a break

Thanks for being a part of the Mixd pilot study. On February 25th, we’ll end the pilot and the service will no longer be available. Please be sure to download any pictures you want to save before February 25th.

I imagine that some of Mixd’s services will be rolled into Yahoo! Mobile. In the meantime, similar cell phone SMS services such as Dodgeball, Socialight, and Twitter will have to fill Mixd’s absence.

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  1. The fraternity chapte here at the University of Miami utilizes a “listserv-style” texting program called Upoc. check out upoc.com for more information. There are no text-spams (so long as you disable this optional function on your logon screen’s preferences tab), and I believe it’s free. We might have paid a small fee, but I can’t imagine it was very much, if any at all. It might be worth checking out. Again, http://www.upoc.com.

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