Beach Party at the Threshold of Hell debuts Oct. 19

Tonight is the big night. Three years into the making, my brother’s film “The Beach Party at the Threshold of Hell(IMDb) debuts in 25 markets.

My brother is the film’s cinematographer, co-producer, visual effects supervisor, and editor. I can only imagine how thrilled, nervous, and relieved he is to have the film finally go to market.

The film takes place 90 years in the future and tells the tale of a new nation that has emerged in the aftermath of the fall of the United States. With a political satire undertone, some say “The Beach Party At The Threshold Of Hell” is a true Indie film that promises to be the next cult classic.

I first saw the film in 2006 when it opened and closed the LA Film Festival to a full house. Visit to see if it is playing near you.