Goodbye Condo, Hello Job

Friday was a big day. I closed on my condo and accepted a job offer.

Condo Sold


Purchased in August 2004, this condo was the first home I’ve purchased. It has been on the market and vacant for nearly a year, so I am pleased to now have it sold.

A Wonder Job

I also accepted a job offer from Wonderware Central on Friday (I left Lambda Chi Alpha in March). Wonderware develops software that monitors sensors within supply chains and factories. WC is a reseller and distributor serving an area between Michigan and Missouri. I’ll be responsible for their IT infrastructure and website. I start Wednesday, August 20, 2008.

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  1. Jason – Would like very much to get in contact with you. I belong in the Pearce family. Great-grandaughter of Phillip Edward Pearce, son of Joseph John, who was the brother of Archibald, or Uncle Baldy as he was known to my grandmother’s family. Phillip Edward married Eugenia Hack. Only child to survive with progeny was my grandmother, Claude Rochelle Pearce who married Marion Stovall Symms.

    My grandfather wrote a memoir of his life and did a great amount of work on genealogy but his info on the Pearce side was always very sketchy. I know, generally, about Rebecca Allen Pearce. There was a falling-out between Phillip Edward and my grandmother, his daughter and so much history was lost.

    Please contact me at your convenience, either at the above email or at 770-534-8805. I’m in Gainesville GA and work at Brenau University.

    I very much look forward to hearing from you!

    Best regards,

    Cousin Kathy

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