1. GilesB


    Why not use the Vmware VIew ADM Template option of Run this command on Reconnect?? As per http://divyen.wordpress.com/2011/07/02/running-scripts-commands-on-vmware-view-desktop-connect-reconnect/ and other articles I have read. I just want to know if you’ve tried this and found it lacking so had to resort to another solution, or if you didn’t realise it was available. I am looking at running some processes on re-connect and want to find the best way around it.

    The other question would be are you using PCOIP clients? As they may not trigger the Terminal Services Connection event as they are not using Terminal Services.



  2. GilesB, Thank you for reminding me of the VMware View ADM Template “Run this command on Reconnect” option. This would have been a much similar solution that the one I crafted up.

    I am using PCoIP clients and my solution still works. Because I’m using Scheduled Tasks I can add a delay to some reconnect tasks. For example, I might want some things to happy right away after reconnect but others to happen 30 to 60 seconds after reconnect (like updating BGinfo, which is less important and should not take away resources that are being used to map printers).

  3. DougR


    Just found this site a few days ago while looking for a solution to a bginfo issue I have with Linked clones. First of all, great site and a lot of great info!

    I was wondering if you have seen this happen, we have about 200 VMs Linked clones running Win 7 Enterprise, that we have a GPO to run a custom BGINFO at logon. But almost exactly 30 seconds after the desktop with the BGINFO loads, the information disappears. The script calls BGINFO from the local Domain Controller’s Netlogon folder. We can re-run the batch file to redisplay the info, and that might last for 3-5 minutes before it disappears. This is driving me nuts…..

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