I’m calling to ask if I may email you a white paper you aren’t seeking

Despite having a publicly posted privacy policy that states that I will avoid doing business with companies that cold call or email me, 2017 has demonstrated an increase in perhaps the most annoying and disruptive sales tactic to date.

Three to five times a week, I receive an unsolicited phone call from a sales person that wants to know if he/she may email me a white paper about the company, product, or solution.

This has become my least respected sales tactic.

That is perhaps the most frustrating sales tactic. For starters, they ignored my publicly posted privacy policy by initiating an unsolicited phone call. Next, they either ask me to revel or confirm my email address. Lastly, they ask if they may interrupt my day again by emailing me some document (also a security risk) that I do not want and did not seek. The worst offenders disregarding my negative response and email me anyway.

Companies that do this demonstrate the least amount of respect for my time or privacy — and most certainly do not earn my trust or business.