Social Distance Drives

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Microsoft should have updated its Defragment and Optimize Drives tool to do the inverse by maintaining at least six-bits of separation from neighboring data. It says […]

Today (2017 March) I unfortunately learned of the -WhatIf bug for the PowerShell Active Directory cmdlet Set-ADAccountPassword. About -WhatIf “-WhatIf” is a common PowerShell System State parameter that is supposed […]

For decades, it’s been a best practice to configure your corporate domain with a non-internet-rotatable .local domain (e.g. example.local instead of But in the modern everything-is-connected-to-the-internet age, this appears […]

Unable to update Office 365 password

While using I was prompted to update my password for a test account I was using. The Update Your Password prompt read: You need to update your password because […]